Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Public Service Announcement for those who have not been through a second marriage

Please don't contantly bring up my husband's exwife. It's not that I am jealous or have a problem with the fact that she exists, it just plain rude. Don't ask my husband how she is doing. They are divorced. He is no longer an active part of her life. Don't talk about all the things they did in the past together with you. Those times are over and I am his wife now. If you want to ask about someone, ask about how my husband is doing.. or me: his wife.. or our kids. Don't put up pictures all over your house of my husband's ex and expect me to be comfortable being around it. How would you like it if I asked your significant other how their exlove/boyfriend/girlfriend was doing and then start talking about how much fun we all had with him/her? Would you like it if you walked into my home and saw pictures of them in my home? Have the decency to show me and our marriage a little respect. Rudeness will only cost you in the long run.. it will cost you our friendship.

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citygirl said...

Thank you for the public service announcement - MORE people need to read it!! I know what you're going through. Just came across your blog and totally get what you're saying!