Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A whole lot of Stupid

It's already been 7 months since we got served with papers starting that Hubby's ex is suing us for custody of Alan. I didn't realize at the time how long this stuff can be drug out and the drama that would come with it. Wow... what a mess.. but.. it's not a huge concern to us as we know that she can't get custody of a child that she doesn't even attempt to keep in contact with. She's crazy, that's all there is to it.

Well, she called on Sunday. First time since Alan's birthday at the end of June. When she called that day, she claimed she had hurt her ankle 3 weeks before his birthday... so therefore had been unable to send him a birthday gift. Yeh right, but whatever... we gave her the benefit of the doubt. Well, when she called this past Sunday, she replayed the same excuse... her hurt foot prevented her from getting to the post to mail this child that she wants custody of a birthday gift.. and her phone was broken AGAIN.. and her internet was broken AGAIN... uhhu.. right. She didn't even ask to speak to Alan, which made the call even stranger. It was like she called JUST to make excuses to Hubby for why she's not doing right by Alan. Really odd.

Does divorce make people go stupid? I'm just wondering.. it seemed to have the same affect on my husband initially.. but at least he recovered. She has not recovered. Or maybe she was stupid before, I don't know. But it seems to me that stupid is contagious in divorce situations... there is a whole lot of stupid (along with selfish) involved. Sad really.. b/c it's the kids that suffer from the stupid more so than the adults.

I've noticed a whole heck of a lot of stupid in other families in divorce situations as well.. not just in mine. Well, stupid AND crazy. Stupid on the part of some Judges (luckily there are some very very smart ones as well), on the part of the divorced parties, on the part of the extended families... Mean and spiteful is a whole other issue.. there seems to be a lot of that too...

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Not the Norm said...

Ahh..just hang in there. It will be over soon. Continue being the BEST step-mom you can and everything else will fall into place. :0)