Thursday, March 13, 2008

The all powerful Danielle Star

My mother in law is a peach. Somehow everything that hubby or anyone else does that she does not approve of is my fault. It's truely amazing the kind of power that I possess. I can control my husband's every though and action.. and Alan not asking about them is my fault too because I must have brainwashed him. Oh, and all of Alan's improvements since they have been out of our lives (the out-laws, I mean) are just because he is scared of me I'll bet! Couldn't be that he has a loving, stable home with 2 parents, a brother, a sister, a bunch of pets, and a lot of structure. Nope, it's all because I'm mean and abusive.. and controlling. I forgot that one.

Oh, did I tell you guys about how I abused my stepson when he was 3? Yeh, I didn't know either, but apparently giving a shower to kid that has poo running down his legs to get it off without him sitting in a poo filled bathtub is abusive if he doesn't like it. Quick! Someone call CPS! I gave Michael a shower for the same thing and then again b/c he had mascara all over him and I wanted to just get it all off real fast! I'm out of control!!! My poor kids are *gasp* CLEAN!!! Oh the humanity!!!

But back to my all powerfulness... Apparently I have the power to control everything my husband does and I was behind him cutting off contact with his parents. Actually, the truth is quite different. I did tell hubby that I was done with them, but his relationship with them was completely up to him. Well, he kinda left it up to them by way of their actions.. and I think them accusing me of abuse was the last straw for him. My mother in law called me the other day to arrange a sit down with me. JUST me. Yeh right. This all powerful one sees the future and I can see clear as day that this is a bad idea. I'm not the one that cut off contact, so I'm not the one that is going to be responsible for restarting it. I just didn't call back and told hubby about it. The next day she called hubby to tattle apparently that I didn't call her back.. HAHAHA I bet she'll call my mommy next. Don't laugh at that.. she's really done that before. I guess my mom is more all powerful than I am. Blast! I wanted to be the most all powerful!

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